Mo Rooneh

Mo Rooneh



a guy called Shakespeare once wrote



And how true this is. Going out into this world and doing 'your thing', that should be the basic rule for every living creature on this planet.

You may ask yourself, "What's 'the thing' Mo Rooneh does?" And he'll tell you, that he's an explorer. Seeking new boundaries, forgotten and invisible boundaries. Searching for elements beyond the boundaries of the exploration. Sometimes trying to find meaning in the meaningless. "The only way to reach a certain point is amazement of what is and the question, why this is so.  Not the answer but the question means progress".

Monochrome is an ongoing solo project, showing the diffirent shades of the inner colour of the Dutch soundartist Mo Rooneh. In his minimal music and soundscapes he tries to create a dialogue between the composition and the listener.

"Noise is one of the most beautiful sounds".

To compose is to create non-existing and mostly fictional images of feelings within a certain mindframe. In Rooneh's compositions the use of noise is very prominent.


"Generating noises and letting them entwine within a composition reinstates a certain reality”. Rooneh’s admiration for the minimalists can be heard in the usage of repetition and arpeggiated chords and sounds.

Daily life is a repetition of 24 hours in which we try needlessly to establish as much variation as possible.

“Don’t seek or try to create change, because change will present itself in the next second”.

Rooneh uses this philosophy as a basic pattern in his compositions and tries to create a unique character with aleatoric components.

Rooneh, so far released five soundprojects; in 2009 ‘Songs that might be’, Micro and Cinematographic and in 2011 MaCHiNe. His most recent project bleep was released october 2015.

In november 2016 Rooneh recieved the Sakko prize for art and literature in his hometown of Bergen op Zoom.