Mo Rooneh

Mo Rooneh


September 8th Mo Rooneh presented his first collection of poems and prose under the alias Hero Noom. The book, ‘Het vertrek vanuit vandaag’ contains 50 poems in the Dutch language. You can purchase the book at your local bookstore or via Boekscout.


September ninth Mo Rooneh will launch the first track of his new project 'Zonard'. The composition can be heard and seen in the sewer in Bergen op Zoom during the music festival Popmonument. Once again Rooneh teamed up with the Perkeffect who produced the visuals.


Today started working on my next album titled Zonard. I'm recording the album in a new fashion. There are no arrangements to guide my vocals. I will be recording my voice impromptu with only a clicktrack. In the following months we will 'sketch', 'drape', 'paint' and compose notes and chords around it. Expected release date wil be at the end of this year.

Jazz festival Bergen op Zoom

May 20 Mo Rooneh’s works can be heard at the Bergen op Zoom Jazz festival. The performance will take place in a Medival prison, that will serve as a soundstage. VJ Peter Janssen assembled a 40 minutes video reel, inspired by Rooneh’s compositions, which wil be projected on the prison walls. For further information go to Jazzboz.



The past months tracks from the new album have been played on several popular, contemporary and avant garde radio stations. Making the album one of the few that span across the musical spectrum as a whole.

MaCHiNe revisited

The album bleep is doing very well. ‘Music lovers’ all over the globe have embraced the album. The positive reactions are overwhelming. A side effect over the excitement of this latest album is, that the 2011 album MaCHiNe is also back in the picture. I would like to thank the people who took an effort in exploring my sounds, past and present.

Take off number six

Today preparations for my sixth project have started by exploring my sample and sound library. No idea when things will be coming together. At the same time i hope to fulfill a long-held wish to produce and record an impromptu amount of compositions with several musicians. Still, first things first. This is day 1.

3 FM

My new album bleep was selected by the editors of VPRO’s Luisterpaal to be on display for the upcoming weeks. Hopefully this will be the first of many more steps when it comes to airplay.


Today my new album bleep was lauched world wide. I’m excited but mostly grateful for the opportunities this project has given me to work with beautiful and very talented people.

New album

October 1 will see the release of the new Mo Rooneh album bleep. The album contains 10 new compositions. You will be able to download the album on the websites of various digital music retailers or stream the album on Spotify. You can pre-order the album on i-tunes.


You can listen to music and sounds in numerous ways. The best way to enjoy Mo Rooneh’s compositions is by using headphones. To experience the complex soundstructures you need to be ‘inside’ the soundscape. Headphones will give you that experience. Note that you use headphones responsibly to avoid permanent ear damage.